Top 6 Heyoppa Tips: How to get more matches

Are you struggling to get matches on Heyoppa ? Nobody want to talk to you ? Don’t worry, we will help you to solve this ! Not everyone, are expert on social app. Today, we will list below 10 tips to increase your chance of matching.

1. Use better photos !

This is a fact, people don’t like “fake”. And appearance is very important, especially when the person don’t know you yet.
Use your real photos that show your face and not some fake photos. Avoid blurry and try to use good-quality photos.

2. Be more active on Heyoppa !

Our algorithm reward the most active users. The more you are active and the more you will appear on the Swipe screen.

3. Try the “For you” screen

This screen is one of the most used from the community. If you appear there, you will increase your chance to get a match. People will send you request for free. If you accept, it will be an instant match.

4. Purchase “Who liked you” option

You have some matches ? But you don’t want to wait to swipe until you match them ? Then use the “Who liked you” feature.
Unfortunately, this option is not free.

5. Send “Hello” request

You saw an interesting profile ? But you are scared to never match them ? You could send an “Hello” request. This request will notify the person and they will have a pending request from you.
This feature do guaranteed a match !

6. Use the claim chest !

You do not want to pay ? There is also a free option called claim chest ! Every hour, you will be able to claim between 3-7 diamonds after watching an ads. Then you could use those diamonds to bid yourself on the “For you” page.

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